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Doing: Test Prep
Reading: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Waiting for: The Blood of Olympus
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
Mockingjay Part 1

I track the tag evierdeen


"Oh please. You’re totally gonna miss me when I’m gone.""You wish. I’ll finally have some peace and quiet here again."

AU where Caleo was just an awesome friendship instead of a romance


what? reyna you say? 

no need to say good bye.


Teeny-tiny 12-year old Roman demigods, probably about to go off and do something really stupid and dangerous but enjoy it immensely anyway.


the underworld siblings • dedicated to the dorks in this network right here [x] well thats under construction so this link » [x]



had the honour of doing a collab with ltrumbley (amazing artist that you should all follow)

we did a little percbeth selfie series, and this is my half. drawn by ltrumbley, colored by me. be sure to check out the percy one she colored :D


Happy Nico with his sisters.

I drew ghost!bianca ‘cause i do what i want don’t question my genius


have a transparent camp half-blood design to fit to your blog.


I got really bored the other night and decided to draw Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series! I love those books, but I’m so far behind!! I always loved her character and her no nonsense attitude. 

“Every time Octavian smiles a puppy dies.”

— My little brother spitting out the hard truth —


not completely happy with it but i’m done

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call…