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Ch14 | Hermione’s campaign

“I was going to put Stop the Outrageous Abuse of Our Fellow Magical Creatures and Campaign for a Change in Their Legal Status - but it wouldn’t fit. So that’s the heading of our manifesto.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You got something to say to me, Seaweed Brain?” "You’d probably kick my butt." “You know I’d kick your butt.”

girls of the twelfth legion fulminata


i could see you there, in the city lights. fourteenth flour, pale blue eyes. i could breathe in you. two shadows standing by the bedroom know i could not want you more than i did right then, as our heads leaned in. 

p e r c a b e t h - [a r t - e d i t - s o n g]

well, i’m not sure what this is gonna be. but with my eyes closed all i see is the skyline through the windows. the moon above you and the streets below. hold my breathe as you’re moving in. taste your lips and feel your skin. when the time comes, baby don’t run. just kiss me slowly.

Frazel- dedicated to beckendorph, i am so ashamed that this took so long, i apologize im so sorry ;-; dont look at me.

the spell i’m under; a pipazel mix {week three of pjofemslashweeks}


for that au in which hazel is a witch and piper a mortal who she falls in love with and they go on magical adventures and they kiss a lot and maybe some angst????

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10 percy jackson and the olympians quotes



this is the  r e v o l u t i o n .

   She’d never expected her life to be easy. Most demigods died young at the hands of terrible monsters. That was the way it had been since ancient times. The Greeks invented tragedy. They knew the greatest heroes didn’t get happy endings. (art by burdge.)