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Thalia Grace`s theme! (and bonus Bianca`s constellation as well)

IIt`s not canon, but wouldn`t it be cool if she was able to shoot thunder arrows? Pew pew!

I had one version with stars filling the whole background but I felt like it was a bit too busy at this point. Simple is usually the best.

Percy Jackson

Frank Zhang

lollipopdemon: What's the stupidest thing people have ever said about pjo/hoo? It doesn't have to be what people have said to you specifically.





"piper is useless/not helpful/can’t fight"

"jason hasn’t accomplished anything"

"percy is better"

the whole “leo should be excused from crappy behavior and actions because he is a sad orphan” argument

(BoO cover) “where’s percy?”

feel free to add more guys

sexualdemigod: “reyna’s race isn’t canon so she’s probably white”

"I can interpret the character however I want! It doesn’t matter if there’s a detailed description in the book, it’s just a guideline!"

"it’s not whitewashing. it’s reader interpretation"

"Since Percabeth started dating Annabeth is so dependent on Percy now" Because Annabeth totally didn’t rock her solo quest in the Mark of Athena and she saved Percy several times during the House of Hades.

"Leo deserves Calypso bc he’s dealt w/ a lot of bad things" (that have nothing to do with Calypso)


Couldn’t resist drawing a piece to go with my headcanon >.<

Bonus! The horse murals turned out to be Hazel just fucking around with the mist to mess with Nico. What she actually painted was underworld scenes, possibly in a Mucha style.



Amphitrite  was the goddess queen of the sea, the wife of King Poseidon. Some say she was one of the fifty Nereides, others an Okeanis, but most simply describe her as the female personification of the sea: the loud-moaning mother of fish, seals and dolphins. As such she was essentially the same as Thalassa. When Poseidon first sought Amphitrite’s hand in marriage, she fled his advances, and hid herself away near Atlas in the Ocean stream at the far ends of the earth. The dolphin-god Delphin eventually tracked her down and persuaded her to return to wed the sea-king.

"And we know it’s never simple, never easy/ Never a clean break, no one here to save me/ You’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - Breathe


These two cuties for their ship week!


Concept art for Hogwarts in winter by Jim Salvati.


Percabeth @ the beach

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harry potter + tumblr text posts


Harry Potter: Re-imagined 

-Ginny Weasley

-Neville Longbottom

-Luna Lovegood


Hey everyone!  My blog is nearing four years and almost 1,000 followers.  I’m am seriously so proud because I could never imagine that many people actually would want to hear what I have to say, let alone for almost four years!

I’ve decided to host my first ever tumblr awards with the following categories: 

The Katniss Everdeen Award (Best Url) 

The Steve Rogers Award (Best Theme) 

The Augustus Waters Award (Best Posts) 

The Martha Jones Award (Best Fandom Blog) 

The Vincent Van Gogh Award (Best Non-Fandom Blog) 

Each one of these will have a winner and a runner-up.  There might be duplicate blogs or ties. 



THE ANNABETH CHASE AWARD (aka you’re the best thing since sliced bread) 


So here’s what you’ll win: 

Anyone that is a winner or a runner-up of a category will get a spot on my tumblr awards page on my blog, a follow, and endless promos whenever for a month.

Plus my eternal love. 

What if you win the Annabeth Award?

Here’s where it gets awesome.  If you win the top award and I totally fall in love with your blog, you’ll not only get a spot on my awards page, but a link in my sidebar for a month, plus a follow, and endless promos whenever for two months.



So here’s how to enter: 

Must be following me.  I will check. 

Maybe check out my history blog?

Reblog this post.  

This has to reach at least 100 notes or it never happened. 

Okay.  That’s it.  It’s that easy.  Again thank you all.  Hugs and kisses.